At MJ Monitors, Our Perception is to establish a safe environment for our clientele. The focal point is to think highly of the demand of customers by taking them in to consideration promptly, establishing a distant future rapport and faithfully conveying our aim. It’s how we are peculiar. MJ Monitors opines that every living soul procures an unharmed habitat to prevail, pop-up and perform. We demonstrate our pledge to this faith by coordinating with concurrent firms and stabilizing safe procedures which not only provide a protected atmosphere, but make common people feel risk-free.

Changing The View Point About Security: MJ Monitors management spares no effort in serving its clients with prominently talented security personal. Our core objective is to satisfy the firm with supreme amenities in work force with executive base like coaching, surveillance which should be stacked in the budget provided. We are glad to be affiliated with esteemed entities in and around Queensland. We aspire our self in being a trade partner and circulating the essence and standards of our clients.

Campaign working for you: Our In-house cadre is a great asset for our clients. When you become a MJ Monitors client, you earn the flair, durability and consistency of our staff. We are here to stay and here to serve you. MJ Monitors people are thinking about you, shaping your pursuit and thinking of ways to make things better. At MJ Monitors we initiate every possible effort to construct a genuine correspondence with our clients offering customized service and deputed client operations.

Consent to Requirements: MJ Monitors Security Officers are hired under the conditions provided for in the Security Industry Act and the Security Industry Regulations. MJ Monitors employees are paid over the industry award reviewing their relevant experience, knowledge and qualifications.
Insurance: MJ Monitors maintains Workers Compensation insurance accordingly with relevant legislation and public liability insurance to the value of $10 million.


M J Monitors is an extensive security firm which provides a universal scope of customized security business, procedures, and outputs. Our security professionals can portray from this ample cluster of solutions to design a reformed system which will satisfy your exact demand..

M J Monitors supplies a range of security services throughout Australia which include vigilant, concrete and auto electronic security services incorporating design, installation, and keeping the track updated.With a thorough understanding of how to accomplish in multiple domains, our security team is well respected in delivering appropriate solutions to various entities throughout Australia.

Our experienced and certified security officers are passionate to deliver you with the pre-eminent client service. There recruitment is based on their customer centric approach. Our executives are
invigilated by a skilled security board, and will address all information pertaining to eventualities at your site. We aspire to be adaptable and fulfill your definite security concern while being within the jurisdiction. Your safety and security remains our supremacy at all times and as such you can freak out on your episode with peace of mind.


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